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Method Finance provides mortgage broking services to help home buyers, property investors and business owners. We passionately empower our clients to make confident property investment decisions through our experience and knowledge.

Who we are


Method Finance James Zhang Mortgage Broker

James is a passionate property investor turned mortgage broker. He holds a degree in e-business and had worked in insurance. Through self-education, being mentored and others' success, he fast-tracked a fascination with property investment and started building up his own sustainable portfolio. With goals of 10 properties in 5 years and 20 in 10, and unchallenged by his corporate role, he has left it to focus on mentoring others to achieve the same. James finds satisfaction in inspiring positive financial change in his family and peers' lives.



Do Yoon excels as a business strategist and development adviser. He holds a commerce degree and spent several years working in the banking and finance industry. Inspired by successful entrepreneurs and driven by a desire to see positive change, he decided to start his own business ventures. With a lot of determined reading, networking and a change in mindset, he got into property investing, saw similarities to business and treated it accordingly. Do Yoon now focuses on helping others build property portfolios and businesses.




Bond is a Finance Manager that holds degrees in applied science and finance and marketing, with experience working in telecommunications and media. He enjoys helping small-to-medium sized businesses grow and succeed, and has a strong passion for building better long term customer relationships. Through his desire to benefit the lives of others and the inspiration of peers, Bond soon realised that being a successful advisor embodied all the things he loved, and has since begun that journey.